Delta-V is a short film about a group of astronauts stranded in space when their space station is struck by a rogue satellite and knocked off course.

I was brought on as a Set Designer to design sets for a space station interior. The sets were to include living quarters and a separate arboretum section where the astronauts grow food.

  • Designed space station interior set
  • Designed look of external set for 3D modeling
  • Rigged lighting for space station impact sequence
  • Built and dressed sets
Set Design: Concepting
The first stage of pre-production centered around sketching different concepts. The majority of work was done as quick thumbnail sketches to define general shape and layout.

Thumbnail sketches for a door leading into the space station arboretum.


The space station exterior with four solar panels extended.


Assortment of thumbnail sketches for viewing screens, bunk beds, chairs, lounge area, arboretum archways, and door designs.


A panorama of the set combined all of the elements together. The goal was to make it a curved set with technology that looked a little outdated.

Set Design: Final Design
After deciding on the look for various elements, I finalized the designs into scale drawings to prepare for construction.

We defined the set dimensions first, so we could use it as a guide for measuring out the remaining set elements.


Elevations for the door.

Set Design: Building
We took the completed designs and built and dressed the set in the studio.

The curved walls were achieved with lightweight frames and lauan paneling that was thin and flexible.


Assembling the desk for the main control console.


Touching up some pipe dressing.

Set Design: Production
With the set completed, production started, and things really looked amazing!

The main door with practical lighting - my favorite of the designs I did.


Control Console with Impact Lighting Effects.


Escape hatch - to nowhere!


Full set after hours.

Project Complete!