The Food Library is a concept website where users can easily find recipes to cook, and upload their own. It solves the problems of having limited ingredients to cook with and/or not wanting to spend a lot on ingredients, by allowing users to search by ingredient type exclusively or inclusively.

Features included:

  • Search by specific ingredients inclusively or exclusively
  • Submit your own recipes
  • Request modifications/improvements of other people's recipes
Researching & Interviewing
I started exploring the concept by interviewing users. I put together a mental model, and from that a basic sitemap.

A Mental Model combined the data from the interviews to get a sense of what people would be looking for in a website like this.

Concepting & Testing
With the sitemap, I moved into building a wireframe concept and testing it with potential users to gain a deeper understanding of their needs.

Wireframes were built so I could test the concept with potential users and gather feedback.


Red Route Analysis filtered the feedback and helped identify key areas of functionality.


Task Analysis provided a roadmap of features to expand upon through hi-fi mockups and prototypes.

Prototyping & More Testing
With the initial concepting and testing phases complete, I moved into final design with hi-fi mockups, a hi-fi prototype, and more testing.

A Flow Diagram helped me visualize the rules for what was possible for users that were logged in vs. users that were not.


Hi-Fi Mockups made it possible to finally visualize the possible completed site*

Ready for final coding!