The Interactive Classroom is a technology ecosystem that engages and empowers students by allowing them to interact with teachers and other students using the system. It is meant to replace lecture-based systems and support teachers in getting the best out of their students.

  • A digital interface for teachers and students
  • Teachers can manage classroom schedules and deploy content
  • Students can work individually or in groups
Research & Interviewing
Our first step was to understand current educational models and technologies, and define the qualities of an effective learning experience. We interviewed teachers to understand what they would need in their classroom.

Competitive Analysis, extensive Research into existing educational structures, and Research Interviews with Teachers helped us gather our initial data.


Affinity Diagramming helped us organize the vast amounts of data we gathered from Teacher Interviews, books and articles, and existing technology.

Mind Map aggregated the data, giving us a clear image of needs required for the Interactive Classroom system.

Mental Model & Feature Development
Having collected a ton of data in our research, our next step was to begin to understand who OUR users would be and what types of features and tools they would need from our system.

Mental Model depicting teacher's needs and goals, and our corresponding features.

Task Analysis focused on a teacher initiating a lesson.

Project Complete!